Welcome to Sound Energy

Sound Energy is a leading control system integration firm, with extensive experience providing design, construction, and programming services for commercial and industrial facility control systems. Our specialized expertise in all phases of a project makes for superior quality control and allows us to supply competitive turn-key services for your project. Our clients include a wide variety of industries including aerospace, hospitals, hotels, utility companies, military bases, office buildings, schools, college campuses, commercial high-rise office buildings, food service, laboratory environments and many more. Sound Energy is a local employee owned and managed company with a talented staff recognized for being experienced, responsive and flexible.


We leverage computer technology to increase productivity and provide better communications to each team member. Tight manpower control, advanced planning, distributor level material purchases and value engineering turn competitive estimates into project reality.

Advanced Technology

We design, install and service the modern building and manufacturing facility. We know DDC control systems, program & install PLCs, and tie building functions into a coordinated package and provide diagnostics from our site to yours, via a modem. We have fire alarm systems talk to security systems, coordinate building power usage with utility rate schedules and install LAN networks for communications. We have the technology and the experience.

Quality Results

Sound Energy Systems is known for doing the job right the first time. We procure quality materials, use qualified craftsmen and deliver projects on budget and within a scheduled timeframe. Our engineering teams constantly seek innovative ways to ensure the efficient completion of your project. Over the years we have developed a quality management system that documents our company’s best practices to ensure customer requirements and expectations are met. We deliver quality work on every job the first time so we can contribute more value to our customers.


Our years in business say it all. Since 1946, Sound Energy Systems has been respected for providing smart, yet innovative, design and system integration services for building control systems used by our clients. We are a team player that will bring value to a project’s start and be there when it’s finished, each and every time.

A Team Player

Each team needs a leader, but its success depends upon the abilities of all its members, every team needs great players. Our staff is uniquely qualified to handle building automation projects because we provide both professional design and technical support services. We are supported by a large self-install construction team and highly skilled engineers who work together to continually raise the bar for quality, service, and reliability. Sound Energy Systems is a team that works hard to maintain its reputation as a trusted and responsible partner. We have been doing “Right by our customers since 1946”.